You have very neat, very small handwriting

You have very neat, very small handwriting

You're good at accents

You'll go all out for a costume

You make me breakfast in bed every morning

You're wicked smart (said in Boston accent)

Your chest is the perfect shape to snuggle into

You're squint worthy*

You're cool as a cucumber in a crisis

You like lazy Sundays and binging on Netflix

You make funny Snapchat videos

You are Riggins and Coach Taylor

You're a big softie when it comes to animals

You're really good at making salads

You're very coordinated

You're not an art wanker

You can draw pretty much anything

You're really bad with social media

You know all the Disney songs

You will always take the slip lane

You're not a people pleaser

You taught me to straighten my back

You break the rules

You love the sun and the beach 

You (mostly) don't complain when I play country music

You always win, except that time I beat you (once) at bowling and (once) at mini golf

You believe in me

You look good in skinny jeans

You learnt to cook / eat seafood

You will look hot as a silver fox

You haven't once complained that my cowboy boots are permanently next to my bedside

You're not stingy

You know all the film directors

You tell me I look pretty every day

You're good at remembering jokes

You make up funny pick up lines

You walk on the road side of the footpath

You're fluent in emoji

You have the smallest bum known to man

You're sexy when you wake up

Your feet don't smell

You roll your eyes a lot

You're good at karaoke

You name inanimate objects

You hate killing any animal, even spiders and ants

You're really good at magic tricks, and not in a lame magician sort of way

You 'touch wood' when you say something bad

You take risks

You like 90s RnB

You don't snore (yet) *touches wood*

You let me be me

Your heroes include Warren Buffet and Conor McGregor

You're confident, but not in an arrogant

You think weird things

You like a good ol' buddy story

You give me your jacket when I'm cold

You let me eat your food even when I say I'm not hungry

You know a lot of useless facts

You're really good at spelling

You always carry the shopping bags

You dance with me in the middle of the street

You're fun to get drunk with

You ask me the most ridiculous questions that make me laugh

You secretly (not so secretly) really like The Notebook

You roll your eyes a lot

You're good at coming up with solutions to problems

Your stubble is very sexy

You're very tidy

You're a fast walker


You hate hipsters and bad service as much as I do

You always chop the onions

You are a very 'cool' nerd 

You're quality over quantity

You are really good at downloading stuff

You are patient

You think of the future, so I can think in the moment

You make me feel safe

You're a good human

You're not vegan

You're you.

*Post to come explaining the Squint List, promise
** Taking Care of Business, Elvis Presley's mantra

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