Sexy summertime pots


With Christmas less than a week away I feel like I've turned into Mrs DIY-santa. I've decided this year that I'm going to hand-make the majority of my presents, which so far, has turned out okay. I've been painting, re-potting, baking and pickling up a storm. I went to Porter's Paints today to stock up on a couple of sample pots and walked out with 12 more!!!

On a side note, I've also been working!! I know, my funemployment lasted a week, but at least now my morning commute is a glorious 10 minute bike ride down the road!!! I've decided that freelancing is definitely for me for the time being. I feel free to write my own rules for my life now, not being tied to an office 38 hours a week, but I can also still afford to pay my rent! phew!

So I just wanted to share my latest crafty project, which is super easy, so it's great for anyone who wants to avoid the last minute christmas rush and try a handmade approach this year. If you're on Instagram or Pinterest you would have noticed this huge trend of dip-dying pretty much anything. From stool legs, to bedsheets, even your hair! So I've kind of gone on this colourful rampage, painting everything in sight!

to sex-up a terracotta pot all you need is...

  • a clean terracotta pot (I bought my pots and matching plates from Bunnings, for only a couple of dollars)
  • pot & ornament sealer (also from Bunnings - Bondall Pot & Ornament sealer 300g, $14.49)
  • paint brush
  • masking tape
  • white paint for undercoat
  • paints (again, I used Porter's Paints, 30ml sample pots, $5)
  • and a plant of the moment - a sexy succulent or cool cacti

The key to this diy-job is the pot sealer!!! Don't forget to use it. The lady from Bunnings saved me on this one, she said that if you don't seal the inside of the pot then the paint will be absorbed into the terracotta when you water it (or something like this). She was quite dramatic about it actually.

And the rest is pretty easy really...

  1. Make sure your pot is clean inside and out, then spray a few coats of pot sealer on the inside of the pot and plate (let each coat dry fully before applying the next coat)
  2. Use the masking tape to cover the areas you don't want to paint, or if you're game, forget the tape and free hand (I did this because I don't mind a "rustic" look... and, I'll admit, I am impatient).
  3. Paint a layer of white undercoat, allow to dry.
  4. Then go crazy. Either leave as clean white for a classic look or colour away to your heart's content. My favourite colours at the moment are dreamy pastels that remind me of sunsets in tropical places, and crazy jolts of brights and neons. Anything goes!

Just as an FYI, Porter's Paints can be used for exterior surfaces too, so you don't have to use a varnish or gloss after you've finished painting. In fact, often these finishes turn the paint a slightly yellowy colour. Apparently you can paint the exterior of your house with their paints without using a varnish and it will last about 15 years! Just another reason to love Porter's ;)

Happy crafting!!! Oh, and merry Christmas xxx