No animals were harmed in the making of this post


Last weekend while we were waiting in line for the Meredith Music Festival I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to scour the roadside shrubbery for twigs and pinecones to make some crafty Christmas decorations. And I must say, I really hit the jackpot with this stick (okay the line was 2 hours long, I was bored and I'd eaten way too many skittles)! But I was very excited about this particular branch! It looked like a gorgeous set of Rudolf antlers, with luscious curves and wrinkles, and perfect proportions. It just needed a little added Christmas sparkle...

To turn a naked little branch into a colourful wonderstick, you'll need...

  • white paint for undercoat (I used Taubmans Sunproof Exterior low sheen white, $30 for 1L - although you can use any white paint, I just used this one as I had it already for another project)
  • colourful paint or spray paint (I used Porters Paints, $5 for 30ml, in 'Summertime', 'Sugarland', 'Chilli Coral' and 'Pink Ginger' - seriously envious of the person who gets to name the paints at Porters!)
  • masking tape
  • paint brush
  • glittery nail polish for highlights (I used Ultra3 Nail Colour, $2, in 'Envy' and 'Gold Rush Fever')

Step 1 - tape the areas you don't want painted

Step 2 - paint the non-taped areas with a coat of white paint, allow to dry

Step 3 - adjust masking tape if necessary and apply colour paint, allow to dry

Step 4 - gently remove masking tape

Step 5 - apply nail polish (or marker) to highlight edges and make the colours pop (this can also disguise messy edges)

And there you have it, a pretty branch that you can hang on your wall (I hung mine with fishing wire and 3M hooks), pop in a vase or as a table centrepiece for something a little different this Christmas, or all year round!!!