Moments with a capital M

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It has been noted that a couple of days ago I clocked up 10,000 pins on my Pinterest boards. I guess this means I have crossed over into Obsessive Pinner Territory, no small feat mind you, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed.

So while we're on the subject, I have a confession to make. I really like whole numbers... you know, like ones that end in a zero... 100, 500, 1000, 10,000... you get my drift? So because of this, um, analness, I secretly celebrate the whole numbers in my head. And, well, now here on my blog.

So with an imminent 'milestone' looming, I prepared myself to crack the fictitious bottle of bubbly and await the fanfare of reaching 10,000 pins.

But then I got distracted, and in a moment of pinning frenzy, the steady count up came and went, and I'd missed The Moment. My popper fizzled, I'd missed the whole number. Damn.

While I admit reaching 10,000 pins is not exactly a milestone to note in the diary (10,000 followers maybe, but pins? No). But it did get me thinking about Moments with a capital 'M'. Actual moments in time that should be celebrated with an actual pop of champagne. There are the obvious ones of course... birthdays (whole number ones), first times (first day of school, first time you got drunk, first grown-up job, first love), graduation, finding out the Easter bunny isn't real, weddings, babies, blah blah. Easily definable Moments.

But what about the occasions that you don't realise are in fact capital M Moments until after they're well and truly over? These Moments I think are most special. I feel sorry for them, that they don't get their 15 minutes, their bottle of Veuve, their date in the diary... until one day it just slaps you in the face... wow that was BIG!

In fact if I had a super power, apart from the ability to fly, I think I would wish for the power to know when a Momentous Moment is happening. The yet-to-be-known-by-date, exact  moment right before your life is about to change, a little bit, or a big bit. I just think that would be really cool.

So back to my small m moment, for a sec. Just because it's a small m doesn't mean it's not worth celebrating too. So on this, I have decided that in honour of reaching such an attractive whole number, I would acknowledge the moment with my Top 10 of 10,000 pins, everyday for 10 days!

Note it in the diary folks! ;)

Footnote: I just realised this is my 20th post!!