How tall is Jesus?


I generally couldn’t give a shit about celebrities, but for some inexplicable reason I find famous people’s heights factinating. Fascinating. 

I could easily while away the hours Googling people's heights. I often find myself wondering how tall someone is when I'm watching a movie.

I'm 169cm / 5'5. The same height as Oprah and Beyonce. And Woody Allen.

Robert Wadlow was the tallest person that ever lived at a towering 272cm / 8'11. The shortest ever verified by the Guiness Book of Records? Nepalese Chandra Bahadur Dangi at 57cm / 22 inches!

I have a friend who swears we are the same height. I can literally see the top of her head when I speak to her.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and check out how tall the GOT cast is.

King size vs fun size.png

Brad Pitt is 180cm / 5'10
Justin Bieber is 171cm / 5'6
Snooki is 148cm / 4'8
Barack Obama is 185cm / 6'
Donald Trump is 188cm / 6'2
Jimmy Fallon is 183cm / 6'
Kendrick Lamar is 168cm / 5'5
Lisa Simpson is 162cm / 5'3
Conor 'Notorious' McGregor is 175cm / 5'8
Steve Jobs was 188cm / 6'2
Macaulay Culkin is 170cm / 5'6
Lady Gaga is 155cm / 5'1
Jerry Springer 183cm / 6'
Jonah Hill is 170cm / 5'6
Jamie Foxx is 175cm / 5'8
The Hoff is 193cm / 6'3
Andre the Giant was 224cm / 7'4
Andy Warhol was 180cm / 5'10
Queen Elizabeth II is 163cm / 5'4

Ps. It is estimated that the average height of a 1st century Jewish male would have been around 155cm / 5'1! Jesus was basically the height of an Olsen Twin! Mind. Blown.


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