Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter
Hoppy Easter gift tag printable

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I don't get too overly excited about Easter, except that it makes for an extra long weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate, but I'd rather just eat it when I feel like it, not in one, huge, vomit-inducing go.

That said, I was a huge Easter fan when I was little, and I'm sure when I have kids it'll all come back to me. My favourite part was the hunt. Mum and dad would go to great lengths with the treasure hunts, that often we'd still be 'finding' chocolate eggs the following summer. Usually it was our cunning Rhodesian Ridgeback who would find them first. Chuffed. And then remorseful when he realised chocolate didn't agree with him.

I remember one year, the year mum told me the Easter bunny wasn't real, was my favourite. I think I must have been about 8 or so and I secretly knew that something was suss after stumbling across a jar of tiny teeth one day. But, having it confirmed by an adult, I couldn't have been more proud. It was now my job to guard the secret of the Easter Bunny & Co for my younger brother and sister. The same year we also rescued an echidna from near highway-death and released him on our land to join in our hunt. So that was pretty cool.

Another favourite thing about Easter was egg decorating. Mum did this with us every year. We'd prick a tiny whole in both ends of an egg and blow all the juice out, or she'd hard boil them, then we'd dye them.

This weekend we're going camping for Easter, but maybe next year I'll get more into it again...


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