Hello world!

Well I have to say, this first post is terrifying! I've spent the last hour sitting here "about to write". Numerous cups of tea, several loads of washing, and obsessive Instagram breaks later, I'm still here staring at a blank screen.
just write... just write...
I don't like big waffly posts. I like the idea of pouring out all my thoughts for the world to read, but I don't like to read them myself, so I'll try and keep this brief...
After several years in media and fashion, and a rising resentment for forecasts, weekly wips, and office politics, I've decided it's time to trade it all in to follow my heart into interior design. Bold, creative, exciting and a terrifying.
My first official day of 'being a freelancer' coincided with the first day of summer! And five days in, I'm exhausted!! I've rearranged the garage and guest room, helped a friend decorate her new place, got a little bit crafty, crossed things off my to-do-as-a-freelancer-list, woken up early for a sample sale, been a 'lady who lunches' and now I've started my blog. I could get used to this new funemployment! ;)
I have an idea of what I want this blog to be, but I'm not sure what it will become. But at least I'm finally writing!
Considering that my only followers right now are most likely an encouraging friend and my kitty, Dolly, who is peering over my arm as I write this, I'm not sure how to sign off. "Thanks for reading" sounds a bit presumptuous. "Follow my journey" makes me want to vomit. Maybe... Watch this space?
Okay, I waffled. But that was fun! xx