I'm stuck in a blogcation vortex and I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things. I put it down to an acute bout of self-diagnosed post-holiday denial disorder (PHDD)*, an affliction where one leaves one's head in the clouds among the A380's. But now it's almost a month after my summer escape and the harsh slap of reality is numbing my cheeks, that, or it's just the winter breeze from my open window.

There also is not enough time in any given day, oh, and I was really sick with the flu, and I have a million projects on the go, and we have to move house... but they're all just excuses aren't they? Classic symptoms of PHDD.

And it's not just my blog that's felt the effects from this PHDD. Anything that seemed to be 'routine' pre-holiday is now slipping to the bottom of my To-Do list. Take flossing for example. I hate flossing at the best of times, but I hate the frown on my dentist's face as she fires up her drill more. So I compromise, by flossing Monday to Friday, with weekend reprieves as a little treat. See, good routine! But then something breaks the seal and you start making these little exceptions to the rule (does anyone else do this?), like "no flossing while on holidays", and then when you're back, "no flossing if I go to bed after 11pm", "after 9pm", "no flossing if Offspring's on".... and then all of a sudden. NO FLOSSING AT ALL.

This has happened to many well-intended routines, including going to the gym, eating breakfast, only using the credit card for 'emergencies'. Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. I just needed to break the seal and just blog again. The only way to get back into any routine is to JUST DO. Stop listening to the excuses, no matter how valid they feel, how urgent it is, how tired you are. Just do.

So there.... I'm doing. I'm blogging again.

Ahhhhhhhh that feels good! Now, I'm off to post-pone my dentist appointment. x

*not a real condition

Image source: Doug Aitken, NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY (2013), Courtesy of 303 Gallery - See more here.