Baby baby


I realise that we're now half way through the second month of year and I haven't posted one DIY project for 2013! My bad. This summer has been distracting and busy and fun!

A few weeks ago my friend and I hosted a baby shower for our friend in her gorgeous, newly renovated home. She's had a major sweet tooth throughout her pregnancy and didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl so we decided to just go with a 'sweet & colourful' theme. Admittedly we were flying blind having only been to a couple of baby showers before and having never thrown a baby shower ourselves, but we tried to keep it quite casual (games to a minimum) and had a lot of fun making the decorations.

We sprinkled the room with bunting, tassel garlands, vintage tea cups, colourful tablecloths, bright fresh flowers, mini rubber duckies, a sweet spread and a giant tulle pom pom at the front door.

For a fun baby shower challenge we downloaded the Celebrity Baby Name Game (free download) where you pair wacky baby names with their famous parents.The game was hilarious and really divided the guests into 'Non-trash-mag readers' and 'Celebrity obsessed trashies'. We had to go to a tie-breaker question by Google search, which came up with Pilot Inspektor (yep, real name)!

We also had a lucky dip to take guests back to their childhood, with a few cheeky 'unlucky' dips thrown in to make it interesting. ;)

I also saw recently (sadly too late for this party) where guests were asked to get creative and decorate paper onesies (crayons, paints, ribbons, buttons, glue, glitter, stickers, fabric, etc) which you could then frame or string up in the baby's nursery for decoration. Absolutely LOVE this concept, and will definitely give this a go next time (also a cute idea for invites)!

In terms of food, we went a little sugar crazy with a lolly bar (as well as throwing in a few savoury options for the not-so-sweet-toothed). Favourites included fairy bread cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters, real Turkish Delight with Persian fairy floss and hot jam donuts fresh from the markets. We also used cute cupcake cases to serve the food, so that everyone had a bite-sized taste of everything, and Chinese take-out boxes for goodie bags.

For a good tutorial on how to make your own tassel garland, check out A Pair & A Spare for a much better tutorial than mine would be! My only piece of advice when making the tassel garland would be to exercise a lot of patience, and a use a really sharp blade to slice your tissue paper. Otherwise, if you want a more 'organic' look (i.e. messy) use scissors. I gave up the knife on my last tassel and used scissors and it was much easier and quicker!