Alpha Bravo Karrot

I once got it in my head that I had to learn the Phonetic Alphabet, you know the Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot alphabet. If not for anything else but to sound impressive to telemarketers. Also because when I was little all I really wanted to be was either a Fighter Pilot or an Archaeologist* (exactly like Indiana Jones), and I figured it would come in handy 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Me and my co-star Tom Cruise just casually leaning on a jet plane in our aviators.

Me and my co-star Tom Cruise just casually leaning on a jet plane in our aviators.

One day, not long after I'd learnt my Alpha, Bravo, Charlie's, I got the call I was waiting for... a service provider, trying to sell me shit. Okay, time to test out my newly acquired knowledge IRL.

I started off strong... B for Bravo, R for Romeo, Y for Yankee, rolling off the tongue like a pro.

Wavering a little at N (I stand by Nelly 4eva)...

Q for Quebec (nailed it), P for Papa... I could hear how impressed he was with me! (Probably was actually rolling his eyes at me, coz I started to obnoxiously spell out every word).

and then complete and utter blank...

K for... um... (panicking)

K for Karrot.


Phonetic Alphabet.jpg

*Fact: while I admit I have never flown a plane at high speed upside down, I did actually fulfil my other childhood dream of becoming an archaeologist. Well, not exactly Indiana Jones, and not entirely an archaeologist per say, but I was an archaeological field assistant during my final semester of uni (not related to my degree) and spent many a happy 'dig' uncovering artefacts, washing artefacts, sorting artefacts, and playing puzzles putting them back together again.

And clearly I rocked those King-Gees, high vis and steel caps like no-one else on the work site 😉

I once re-pieced a large blue and white Chinese urn (like the below) with hundreds of tiny little pieces. I was 2 annoying fragments short, which still kills me a little to this day. Other finds included a 200 year old perfume bottle with actual perfume still in it! And some 18th century kids shoes. Cool as shit.

Chinese Urn.jpg
Indiana Jones.jpg
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